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Evidence-based medicine makes use of the most recent research and clinical experience in order to give patients the best possible care possible. Health care practitioners are better equipped to give the most cost- and clinical-effective practices when they integrate systematic research procedures, good health care management methodology, and clinical skills. As a student, you will almost certainly be assigned to write an evidence-based paper at some point in your academic career. Evidence-based publications focus on study and verifiable facts rather than supposition or popular belief to support their claims.

How to write a paper that is supported by evidence.

Choose a topic that is cutting-edge.
Select a topic of interest. A prevalent clinical problem, rather than a rare disease or some uncommon presentation, should be the focus of your topic in evidence-based medicine. Incorporate fresh research or information that has the potential to result in a practical adjustment in technique. Investigating promising new methods such as music therapy for anxiety reduction, mindfulness training for pain management, or culturally sensitive approaches to asthma treatment would be of particular interest to you, for example.

Investigate the situation thoroughly.
Make use of both online and print resources to gather information for your paper. In order to obtain proof and primary source material that is relevant to your topic, you should visit the university library. Evidence-based medicine is highly influenced by patient-centered clinical research, which includes studies on the efficacy of medicines and diagnostic tools. Your findings should serve as the foundation for your hypothesis or thesis. Include any and all strong recommendations that are backed up by factual evidence from reputable sources in your proposal. In addition, articles in journals are often vetted by experts in the field before publication, making them useful resources.

Make a plan for your paper.
Create an outline for your work that contains an introduction, methodology, a review of findings, a discussion, a conclusion, and any references you want to add. List the major points of each part as bullet points under the section headings. Compose your report, drawing on the evidence you obtained during your investigation. Present your findings or arguments in a clear and succinct manner. Include studies that are in direct opposition to your concept. Explain why the results of that study might have been different, such as because of limited sample size or a lack of rigor in the data gathering. If necessary, revise your hypothesis to take into account the new information you have uncovered.

Final Draft in Polish.
Cite every and all evidence that you have obtained from a source, and provide a list of all of your sources in the references part of your paper. Whether you’re writing something for an assignment or a publication, be sure you understand the formatting requirements and preferred way of citation, which may be the American Medical Association Manual of Style. You should proofread your manuscript for factual and stylistic errors when you have finished writing your paper. Check to see that all of your citations and references are properly cited and listed. Allow a friend or instructor to examine your paper once you’ve completed your initial modifications and get their input. Before submitting your paper, make one final revision to ensure that it is error-free.

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